Dental Magnification
and Illumination

Treat yourself to the Quality and Discover the Value with Designs for Vision's Durability, Longevity and Reliability.


Innovation Magnified, Dental Town Article
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Dental Magnification Telescopes - Custom Loupes

Designs for Vision is the trusted brand that dentists rely on for quality, reliability, and durability. Our Dental Telescopes provide TRUE magnification and exclusive ergonomics.

Dental LED Headlights - LED DayLite

Untethered, Lightweight and Portable, Designs for Vision's patented LED designs provide the brightest LED illumination available.

Hygienist Magnification -  Telescopes and BDR Loupes

Designs for Vision provides Hygienists with the Magnificaion essential to provide the best in patient care and the Ergonomic design to reduce neck and lower back pain.

Custom Optical Design for Dental Ergonomics

See how Designs for Vision's optical design makes the Visible Difference® and how our individually custom crafted product provides exclusive ergonomics.



Innovation Magnified