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For 60 years, we have assisted medical and dental professionals through innovation.  Specializing in wearable devices that provide enhanced visualization through magnification and illumination, today, over 400,000 optical products manufactured by Designs for Vision are helping these clinical professionals relieve pain and improve the quality of life for their patients. We are now sharing our experiences with you. This monthly blog will keep you updated on the latest designs and innovations in visual enhancement for medical and dental clinicians.

This month, our focus is the patented (US8928975B2) panoramic loupes and the exclusive advantages medical and dental clinicians can achieve with this unprecedented design.


Panoramic Loupes and the Bigger Picture

The word “panorama” is defined as: “an unbroken view of the whole region surrounding an observer.” And our panoramic loupes accurately fit this definition, as they enable clinicians to literally “see the bigger picture” through our patented panoramic designs. Available in 3.5x with a 11.1 x 9 cm field of view, and 4.5x with a 9 x 7 cm field of view, these loupes double the viewable areas of prismatic expanded optics.

Double your viewable field

Double the Viewable Area
over Prismatic Expanded Field optics, and more than quadruple the viewable area over Galilean Standard Field optics

Magnification Viewable Field
3.5x 11.1 x 9 cm
4.5x 9 x 7 cm

Custom optics
Complementing the expanded viewing areas of our panoramic loupes is the Designs for Vision TTL design with a rectangular shaped housing, producing clears & sharp side-to-side imaging through the system and maximum peripheral vision around the system.

Advantages to panoramic loupes
Like all of Designs for Vision loupes, Panoramic Loupes provide better vision by optically aligning the medical professional’s interpupillary distance measurement, which ensures that he or she is looking through the optical center of the loupe. Other advantages include:

  • The clinician’s eyeglass prescription is built into the surrounding lens and the loupe
  • Focal length of loupe is custom built to the user’s exact working distance
  • Loupes are drilled Thru-the-Lens to the clinician’s interpupillary distance and angle of declination
  • Loupes are positioned lower to reduce neck and eyestrain

As the above information on panoramic loupes demonstrates, Designs for Vision takes its responsibility to medical and dental professions seriously.

We hope you found this blog helpful and informative. Designs for Vision invites you to CONTACT US for a demonstration in your office, and experience the Visible Difference® yourself with a 45-day free trial.

Panoramic Loupes

3.5x and 4.5x Precision Magnification
with unprecedented fields of view
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