August 2021

The Big Reveal

For over 60 years, Designs for Vision has specialized in creating cutting-edge visual aids to provide maximum visualization to medical and dental professionals as they perform intensive, highly-focused procedures. Much of this longevity is based on dedication to innovation and new discovery. Case in point: REVEAL™ FGS, Fluorescence Guided Surgery system.

Reveal FGS Fluorescence Guided Surgery System

Fluorescence Guided Surgery is a medical imaging technique that is used to detect fluorescently labeled structures during surgery. This type of surgery guides surgeons by illuminating the tumor with glowing fluorescence in real-time. This is where the latest Designs for Vision innovation comes in…

What is REVEAL™ FGS?
REVEAL™ FGS is the first WEARABLE Fluorescence Guided Surgery System, enabling surgeons to move freely and view the surgical site from different angles. Each surgeon has their choice of magnification, custom fit to them, eliminating the need for any special optical adjustments prior to surgery. These specially filtered optics are calibrated to the Tri-Beam™ HDi headlight to create this one of a kind FGS system.

Some in-depth details to how the REVEAL™ FGS system works
The surgeon receives enhanced visualization through emission filters in the magnification and eyeglass lens optics that are calibrated to the REVEAL™ FGS Tribeam HDi™ Headlight. The TriBeam HDi™ Headlight, combines three HDi™ (High Definition Imaging) LEDs providing two excitation settings and white light – all conveniently controlled via a wireless Bluetooth®-enabled foot pedal. As if this were not enough, the REVEAL™ FGS light transmission exceeds 91%, enabling surgeons to visualize a more brilliant fluorescence with greater detail.

REVEAL™ FGS is convenient, flexible, easy-to-wear, and especially revolutionary in its ability to enhance the visual experience for surgeons everywhere. Care to know more, or would you like to have a free demo of this new system? CONTACT US today.



It's not Brain Surgery (Actually it is and it's AMAZING

May 2021

Panoramic Loupes and the Bigger Picture

The word “panorama” is defined as: “an unbroken view of the whole region surrounding an observer.” And our panoramic loupes accurately fit this definition, as they enable clinicians to literally “see the bigger picture” through our patented panoramic designs. Available in 3.5x with a 11.1 x 9 cm field of view, and 4.5x with a 9 x 7 cm field of view, these loupes double the viewable areas of prismatic expanded optics.

Double your viewable field

Double the Viewable Area
over Prismatic Expanded Field optics, and more than quadruple the viewable area over Galilean Standard Field optics

Magnification Viewable Field
3.5x 11.1 x 9 cm
4.5x 9 x 7 cm

Custom optics
Complementing the expanded viewing areas of our panoramic loupes is the Designs for Vision TTL design with a rectangular shaped housing, producing clears & sharp side-to-side imaging through the system and maximum peripheral vision around the system.

Advantages to panoramic loupes
Like all of Designs for Vision loupes, Panoramic Loupes provide better vision by optically aligning the medical professional’s interpupillary distance measurement, which ensures that he or she is looking through the optical center of the loupe. Other advantages include:

  • The clinician’s eyeglass prescription is built into the surrounding lens and the loupe
  • Focal length of loupe is custom built to the user’s exact working distance
  • Loupes are drilled Thru-the-Lens to the clinician’s interpupillary distance and angle of declination
  • Loupes are positioned lower to reduce neck and eyestrain

As the above information on panoramic loupes demonstrates, Designs for Vision takes its responsibility to medical and dental professions seriously.

We hope you found this blog helpful and informative. Designs for Vision invites you to CONTACT US for a demonstration in your office, and experience the Visible Difference® yourself with a 45-day free trial.

Panoramic Loupes

3.5x and 4.5x Precision Magnification
with unprecedented fields of view
and 45 Day FREE Trial