LED DayLite® UltraMini HDi

High Definition Imaging - HDi

NEW High Definition Imaging Technology – HDi

Patent pending advanced photonic design provides a uniform field of light distribution with fiberoptic quality light.

45% More Light with HDi's optically focused LED

Modular T-mount
enables you to easily clip light optics onto your personal eyewear of choice

Coaxial to Your Line of Sight
Custom position and lock the headlight coaxial to your line of sight

Orange Filter
will not cure composites

Two Cell Power Pack

Two Cell Power Pack
providing up to 17 hrs of runtime

Lightweight and Powerful
55,000 lux high intensity
30,000 lux medium intensity

Panoramic Spot
Panoramic Spot
available to cover panoramic loupes
wide field of view


Also Available with IR - Intuitive Response Touch-Free Operation
Eliminate cross contamination with IR touch free operation intuitive to your movement

IR Intuitive Response