REVEAL Wearable Fluorescence Visualization

Designs for Vision’s wearable REVEAL FC allows clinicians to visualize bacteria of the wound in real-time. Utilizing blue light technology with specifically calibrated wavelengths and filtration REVEAL FC provides vibrant autofluorescence to enhance visibility as you assess and treat infection.

“The REVEAL system allows me to augment and improve my bedside clinical decision making by providing a degree of additional sensory cues that otherwise would not be available. Its ease of use and numerous applications make it an invaluable tool.”

- Richard Brandon Hill


Healed VLU
Chronic VLUWound

The REVEAL FC Fluorescence Visualization System includes the REVEAL FC Headlight, Observational Glasses calibrated to the Headlight, and a Smart Phone/Tablet Adapter with emission filter for photo documentation.


  • Lightweight & Comfortable to wear
  • Vibrant Bacterial Autofluorescence
  • Real-time fluorescence guided detection and debridement of bioburden
  • Improves wound care while decreasing clinician’s time and costs
  • Allows photo documentation of fluorescence imaging on your smart phone/tablet
  • 45 Day Free Trial

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