Light Up the Oral Cavity like never before...

Light up the Oral Cavity with REVEAL fluorescence

Designs for Vision’s ground breaking REVEAL utilizes a blue excitation headlight with specially filtered eyewear to provide hands-free vibrant fluorescence visualization in real time.

REVEAL Before and After


REVEAL Fluorescence Guided Dentistry System allows you to:

Visualize the byproducts of bacteria associated with caries, calculus and peri-implantitis without the use of any pharmaceutical, chemical or dye

Control and Confirm the complete removal of mature biofilm during prophylaxis

Identify and Differentiate between active and arrested caries lesions, preserving more tooth structure

Diagnose and Manage peri-implantitis and confirm successful treatment


REVEAL Fluorescence Guided Dentistry

REVEAL Fluorescence Guided Dentistry system includes:

  • REVEAL HEADLIGHT – uses a narrow spectrum excitation light to stimulate the byproducts of bacteria associated with carries, calculus, and peri-implantitis, causing them to emit endogenous fluorescence.
  • REVEAL EYEWEAR – filters out the excitation wavelengths to allow clear, vibrant visualization of the resulting fluorescence.

THE BEST DEFENSE Against Peri-implantitis

Easily detect red fluorescence emitted by porphyrin metabolized by oral bacteria in real-time with the wearable REVEALTM fluorescence guided dentistry system.

REVEAL The best Defense against Peri-Implantitis

– identify mature biofilm

Disease Diagnosis – early detection of peri-implantitis

Treatment Guidance – color guided decontamination

Successful Treatment – validate complete infection removal


REVEAL provides the visual information to support decision making and facilitate proper treatment options in:

    • Identify enamel demineralization and
      bacterial contamination
    • Distinguish between infected and affected dentin
    • Detect supra- and subgingival infected calculus
    • Identify accumulation of perio-active bacteria
    • Actively visualize and differentiate tooth structure
      and presence of dental restoration

  • American Dental Association Billing Code D0600
    "Non-ionizing diagnostic procedure capable of
    quantifying, monitoring, and recording changes in
    structure of enamel, dentin and cementum"


Video Courtesy of Dr. Gal Hiltch
"Evidence-based simultaneous diagnosis and treatment with a fluorescence based magnification loupes, is a very powerful tool in your arsenal. "


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