High Add Executive Bifocal Lenses

Low Vision Bifocal and Trioptic Systems

High Add Executive Bifocal Lenses

High Add Executive Bifocal Lenses are composed of two separate lenses which are cut in half, glued together, and edged to fit the frame. Because two different lenses are used, the doctor has great flexibility in what he can order. Any prescription not exceeding a combined power of +20.00 diopters in any meridian in the bifocal segment can be fabricated (for near powers greater than +20.00 diopter sphere, use the Aspheric Bifocal Microscope).

Aspheric Plastic Executive Bifocal Microscopes

Aspheric Plastic Executive Bifocal Microscopes have a bifocal segment that is actually a lens ground to compensate for many of the distortions found with conventional high-powered single lenses. Available in powers up to 8X (+32.00 diopters), these lenses help to extend the range of powers available in the High Add Executive Bifocals (+20.00 diopters total power in any meridian). It must be noted that no cylinder can be incorporated into the bifocal portion of this lens. The cylinder is limited to the distance portion only.

Trioptic Systems

Trioptic Systems were designed to meet the needs of the patient who requires both distance magnification and near magnification to be readily available. This system has three parts:

  1. The upper section is a telescopic unit mounted in the Bioptic position.

  2. The lower section is either a bifocal microscope or a reading telescope

  3. The carrier lens holds the above units in place. It has the patient's correction, which may be his distance correction or some intermediate-range correction, and can also have a tint for light-sensitive patients.