Low Vision Microscopic Systems

Clear Image II Microscope

ClearImage II® Microscopes This cosmetically pleasing optical system has a 40 mm lens providing the widest possible field of vision that is clear, crisp, and distortion-free from edge to edge. The patient's astigmatic prescription may be incorporated into the system, allowing for ease of reading never before possible. A combination of high index glass and a permanent Magnesium-Fluoride Anti-Reflection coating ensures the blackest, sharpest resolution.

Clear Image II Prismatic Microcopes

ClearImage II® Prismatic Microscopes were developed as a two-piece plastic lens system. One lens is high plus to achieve accommodation and one lens is base in to achieve decentration. A cylindrical prescription can be incorporated into the full diameter system to achieve the best performance possible.

One-Piece Prismatic Half Eye

One-Piece Prismatic Half Eye offers a more cosmetically appealing reader. The series was designed to fulfill the unmet need of Low Vision patients wanting better looking high plus reading glasses and Low Vision doctors wanting accurate, state of the art optics.

Bifocal Microscope

Bifocal Microscopes are microscopic lens systems designed to be used in bifocal form. They are ideal for people who must be constantly alternating between distance and near vision, e.g., students, business people, etc. The patient's distance prescription can be incorporated into the system, as well as a tint for light sensitive patients.

Full Diameter Microscope

Full Diameter Microscopes are for near vision only. It is perhaps the easiest system for the patient to learn to use. The units are light in weight and cosmetically acceptable. Although the working distance is fairly short (approximately 6 cm for the 4X microscope), the depth of focus is kept to a maximum to allow as much focusing flexibility as possible for the patient.

Clear Image II Telephoto Microscopes

ClearImage II® Telephoto Microscopes enable low vision patients to read at a greater distance from the eye than any other comparable system available. This system provides the widest possible field of vision which is clear, crisp and distortion free from edge to edge.

ClearImage II HighPower Microscopes

ClearImage II® HighPower Microscopes were designed to be cosmetically more appealing for low vision patients who require greater magnification. It has a 19 mm field of view and is available in a magnification range of 14X (56 diopters) to 20X (80 diopters).

ClearImage II Hand Magnifiers

ClearImage II® Hand Magnifiers were designed in response to the need by the low vision population for more cosmetically pleasing and easy to use devices.