Low Vision Accessories, Frames and Trial Sets

Slip Behind Sunglasses

Slip-Behind Sunglasses were designed to go behind the frame, these sunglasses also have the feature of a wrap-around edge which helps to reduce the glare coming in from the side of the patient.

Wrap-Around Sunglasses

Wrap-Around Sunglasses are appropriate for any prescription. When used with a telescopic aid, a hole can be drilled in the lens, through which the telescopic unit is placed (must be specified on order if desired). This allows the sunglass to fit flush against the frame that the patient is wearing. This sunglass also has a side piece which helps to reduce glare coming in from the side of the patient.

Vision Test Charts for the Partially Sighted

Vision Test Charts for the Partially Sighted
Originally arranged by William Feinbloom, O.D., Ph.D., the Designs for Vision, Inc. Distance Test charts for the Partially Sighted are carefully prepared as to accuracy in refraction. The printing is done in black against stark white to provide the contrast needed by the low vision patients. Also available in a pediatric version using symbols more familiar to the younger pediatric patient.

Near Reafing Cards for the Partially Sighted

Near Reading Cards for the Partially Sighted were designed by William Feinbloom, O.D. Ph.D. The Near Reading Cards are available in both text (word) and Numerical designs. Careful attention is paid to printing contrast to provide definition for the Low Vision Examination. Typoscopes are available as pictured.

Yeoman 6 Frames

Yeoman 6 Frames

Yeoman 6 Frames are designed specifically for the needs of the patient wearing Designs for Vision Low Vision Aids, the Yeoman 6 frame has certain features which make it the best frame to use. It is very sturdy, being of all alumininum construction and having a front that is of one-piece design. It has adjustable nose pads, essential for proper adjustment of the frame on the patient, and proper alignment of the optical systems before the patient's eyes. The temples are spring-loaded to provide a snug fit against the patient's head. With a 6 mm difference between the horizontal and vertical eyewire dimensions, the frame allows adequate vertical dimension for most patient's prescriptions. The Yeoman 6 is the only frame manufactured and fully warranteed by Designs for Vision, Inc.

Frame Selection Guides

Frame Selection Guides provides complete information about all frames and sizes available for use with our Low Vision Aids. Choose from the:


Low Vision Diagnostic Trial Sets

Low Vision Diagnostic Trial Sets are recommended to the practitioner. The different sets have been developed over the years by leading low vision specialists. If you feel one of the sets does not meet your individual needs, a special diagnostic set can be made up to meet your requirements with the appropriate discount.