Low Vision Telescopic Systems

1.7x Reading Telescopes

1.7x and NEW 2.2X Reading Telescopes – innovative design provides a magnified view of an entire column at once. The patient will now be able to see more words across the page at a reading distance comfortable to each individual. These easy to fit reading telescopes can be ordered in Monocular or Binocular options with any Rx.

1.7X Full Dia Telescope

Full Diameter Telescopes (Galilean Telescopes) are designed for distance tasks that are to be performed while the patient is stationary. Mobility is not practical, since walking with Full Diameter Telescopes would be analogous to walking while looking through a pair of binoculars. These telescopes are especially suited for such distance tasks as watching T.V., going to the Theatre, sporting events, or spotting distance stock market quotations – anything that can be done while the patient is stationary.


Bioptic Telescopes provide the patient with the benefits of a telescopic system while still maintaining mobility. Mounted high in the carrier lens, the telescope is "out of the way" while the patient is moving about or doing general work, but is always available for distance spotting.

Spiral Expanded

Spiral Galilean Telescopes were designed to provide focusability in a Galilean Telescope. The ability to focus these Telescopes without the need of reading caps provides a flexibility in Galilean design not previously available. All the Spiral Galilean Telescopes (available from 1.7X to 4.0X) allow the patient to focus from a near point of 12 inches to infinity.

Spiral Galilean

Spiral Expanded Field Telescopes (Keplerian Telescopes) give the patient maximum flexibility in its use. With the fields larger than those in the comparably-powered Full Diameter or Bioptic Telescopes, these units are also focusable from true infinity to approximately 10". The patient adjusts the working distance by focusing the objective lens.

Spiral Galilean

Bio Micro EF The NEW Bio Micro EF brings the world closer – with BINOCULARITY and an unprecedented wide field of view! Available in 3.5x and 4.5x magnification, these lightweight Keplerian optics provide the freedom of mobility for individuals experiencing vision loss due to Macular Degeneration, Albinism, Stargardt’s Disease, Optic Atrophy and many other central vision loss conditions.

Politzer Bioptic

Politzer Full Diameter and Bioptic Telescopes were developed to maximize the size of the exit pupil. To achieve this, the eye lens is made to be the same size as the objective. This design will afford the patient's eye more room to roam through the viewing field thereby reducing eye strain.

MicroSpiral Galilean

Politzer Micro Spiral Galilean Telescopes represent the next evolutionary step in the creation of more cosmetically appealing telescopes for the Low Vision patient. The front spiraling feature allows the patient to change the focal length from distant to near. The patient's spectacle correction is incorporated in the telescopes, unlike other microsystems available. This of course, gives your patient sharper focus.

3.5X Reading Telescope

Reading Telescopes are telescopic systems designed for occupation and reading distances. They allow an increased working distance from that which is found with a comparably-powered microscope (reading lens), while still maintaining an adequate magnification level. Students, electricians and office workers are just a few examples of the types of people who would benefit from this type of aid.

Eagle Eye Telescopes

Eagle Eye Telescopic Systems were designed to provide the patient with superior optics in a more cosmetically acceptable instrument. The Telescope is the Designs for Vision Bioptic Model II Telescope mounted in a unique ball socket housing which allows the telescope to be moved by the patient to align the optical axis of the telescope to the visual axis of the patient's eye. This Telescope is very helpful for patients who have eccentric vision in addition to patients who wish to have a more cosmetically acceptable unit than previously available.

Honey Bee Lens Systems are a spectacle mounted triple telescopic systems that gives the patient the largest visual field available in their respective powers. Three telescopes of the same power are optically aligned in one housing. Special wedge prisms are placed over the outer telescopes, angling the visual fields toward the middle telescope. By filling in the blind spots, the system provides a larger continuous horizontal field of view.