NEW High Definition Imaging – HDi

Introducing HDi's advanced photonic design providing uniform light distribution with fiber optic quality light. The entire LED DayLite® series of headlights, Corded and WireLess, are now equipped with HDi technology providing 45% more light and increased modularity.

HDi Series Headlights

HDi - High Definition Imaging   HDI with optically focused LED

Uniform Light Distribution
advanced photonic design perfectly images LED for uniform light distribution with maximum intensity

More Illumination
optically focused LED provides 45% more light

Clips onto your existing loupes. Multiple WireLess and Corded models to suit your individual needs.

New Infra-Red touch-free operation

NEW Infra-Red Touch-Free Operation
The NEW LED DayLight Micro IR HDi and WireLess IR HDi headlights are now equipped with Infra-Red (IR) for touch-free operation.