WireLess HDi Headlights

LED DayLite® WireLess headlights are equipped with HDi's advanced photonic design providing uniform light distribution and 45% more light. (HDi US Patent 8,851,709)

HDI with optically focused LED

Reality 4 star ratingWireLess Mini   

LED DayLite®
WireLess Mini HDi


High Definition Imaging – HDi
uniform light distribution with 45% more light

Totally WireLess – no cords, no battery pack

Modular Design – clips onto your existing loupes

Lightweight (1 oz)

34,000 lux intensity

WireLess Mini HDiThe LED DayLite® WireLess Mini HDi, a self-contained totally cord-free headlight with HDi technology. The WireLess Mini HDi integrates with various platforms including your existing loupes, safety eyewear and future purchases.

The spot size of the LED DayLite® WireLess Mini HDi will illuminate the entire oral cavity while providing 34,000 lux of neutral white light. Powered by a single, rechargeable lithium-ion battery, a simple twist of the top cap turns the light on or off.

Three batteries are included with the headlight along with a charging cradle that allows you to independently re-charge two batteries at the same time.


LED DayLite® WireLessIR HDi

LED DayLite WireLess IR HDi

Totally Wire Free -
No cords, no battery pack

Intuitive Response (IR)
Touch-Free Operation

– Eliminates cross contamination

Modular Design -
clips onto your existing loupes!

Up to 50% Lighter Weight than
other cordless models

Patented Technology:


The LED DayLite WirLess IR HDi produces 45,000 lux at high intensity and 33,000 lux at medium intensity with touch-free operation. The spot size will evenly illuminate the entire oral cavity.

WireLess Headlight lithiu-ion power pod
The LED DayLite WireLess comes complete with three power pods. The charging cradle allows you to independently re-charge two power pods at the same time and shows the progress of each charge cycle.