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See beyond expanded field with
NEW 3.5X Panoramic Loupes

   Patented panoramic loupes

Panoramic Compare

        See the bigger picture
         with the patented panoramic design –
         the first advancement in telescopic
         optics in 100 years

        Doubles the Viewable Area
         over Prismatic Expanded Field optics,
         and more than quadruples the viewable
         area over Galilean Standard Field optics


Panoramic Field Area         3.5X Precision Magnification
         with an unprecedented 11.1 x 9 cm field
         of view

        Designs for Vision Custom Optics
         with crisp side to side imaging and
         rectangular shape for maximum
         peripheral vision


Panoramic Loupes with UltraMiniHDi Panoramic Spot

Patented Panoramic Loupes available with LED DayLite UltraMini HDi headlight with Panoramic Spot to cover panoramic field of View.