Actual Size
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True 2.5X Magnification
Though some companies claim that magnification is not important, it is the most important feature of a magnification system. A system that magnifies the image only 2.0x reduces the users ability to visualize structures by a factor of 25%. Designs for Vision produces accurate precision magnification with maximum resolution.

Thru-the-Lens (TTL) Optics
This lightweight system provides the Widest Field of View

Ergonomically Correct –
Made for YOUR eyes ONLY
Built to your Interpupillary Distance instead of one size fits all, these telescopes Incorporate your eyeglass prescription into both the carrier lens and the telescope.

Unmatched Quality
and Performance

Precision coated for the sharpest and clearest magnified image with excellent peripheral vision around the uniquely shaped telescope.

2.5x Designer Telescopes

   2.5x    Micro2.5x    BDR

2.5x Designer Telescopes

Hear dental hygienist, speaker and consultant, Dianne Watterson speak on the importance of wearing loupes with a headlight in dental hygiene:

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