The Ergonomics of Magnification

Ergonomics is the science of work. Ergonomics removes barriers to quality, productivity and safe human performance by fitting products, tasks and environments to people.

Magnification and Ergonomics
Only a well designed, custom manufactured magnification system will help alleviate lower back and neck pain while reducing eye strain.

Working Distance and Ergonomics
Awkward posture is associated with an increased risk of ergonomic injury. Posture and working distance is very personal and determined individually. To help prevent neck and lower back pain, Designs for Vision's Surgical Telescopes are CUSTOM BUILT to your exact working distance.

Focal Length and Ergonomics
Magnification allows you to visualize structures at a comfortable distance. ONLY Designs for Vision lets YOU determine your focal length. If the focal length is not built to your EXACT working distance, it is not ergonomically correct.