NEW High Definition Imaging – HDi

Introducing HDi's advanced photonic design providing uniform light distribution with fiber optic quality light. The entire LED DayLite series of headlights are now equipped with HDi technology providing 45% more light and increased modularity.

New LED DayLite series with HDiHDi High Definition Imaging


HDi's advanced photonic design provides 45% more light with an even field of illumination


The HDi Universal Power Pack recognizes and operates each HDi series headlight. Each HDi headlight can easily be moved to and from the magnification or headset you select for a particular procedure


The HDi series of LED DayLite headlights provide a wide range of illumination to choose from. Each modular light can be locked into a position coaxial to your line of sight.


45% More Light with an even field of illumination - enhancing detail and increasing depth of field

Fiberoptic Quality Light with all the benefits of LEDs – lightweight, mobile, less expensive, less maintenance, provides illumination for thousands of hours!


HDi Universal Power Pack
Each HDi headlight comes with two universal power packs that recognize and operate each headlight in the entire HDi series

ONE TOUCH operation

TWO POWER PACKS with smart-link technology for long procedures

ROBUST USB connections

FUEL GUAGE with visible charge status indicator

User replaceable LI-ION BATTERY

FULLY APPROVED to International standards (60601 Edition 3.1 and EMC 4th edition)

HDi Universal Power Packs