NEW USB connection
smaller, lighter and more convenient.

Coaxial to Your Line of Sight
Up to 7,000 footcandles of Neutral WHITE (5800° K) light with 10% - 100% ADJUSTABLE intensity.

Lightweight Untethered Illumination
Now lighter than ever, the USB DayLite provides you with full mobility throughout the O.R. or from office to office.

Two Lithium Ion
Rechargeable Battery Packs

Charge one while using the other. Each battery pack lasts 5.5 hrs at maximum intensity.

Blue Cable™ Protection
shields you from electromagnetic current and contains a Tellurium Copper Alloy Heat Sink to provide a cooler, longer lasting LED.


USB DayLite

Light Intensity
at 16 inches

10% to 100% ADJUSTABLE

Up to 7,000 footcandles

Light Temperature

5800° K

Battery Type

Lithium Ion (2 supplied)

Battery Run Time

5.5 Hours per pack

Recharge Time

3 Hours

Approved for use in the O.R., the USB DayLite provides adjustable light intensity and is LESS expensive than traditional headlights. It requires less energy, has no light sources to maintain and no cables or bulbs to replace.