Eye Strain is a Workplace Hazard

The eyes are one of the most important organs in the body. Designs for Vision Surgical Telescopes REDUCE eye strain and eye muscle fatigue.

Custom Position
Only Designs for Vision permanently positions the optical center of their TTL telescopes to your unique measurements. This helps prevent eyestrain and headaches that can be induced by using prefabricated systems.


Custom Working Distance
The focal length of the magnification system should precisely match the working distance of the user to achieve the best vision and depth of field. Only Designs for Vision’s telescopes provide a custom working distance to your exact specification, helping to eliminate eyestrain and headaches.

If you choose magnification manufactured to your exact ergonomically correct working distance of 19.5”, the depth of field will center on that exact working distance:

Surgical Custom Working Distance

Just because a company measures you to fit into their predetermined range, it does not mean their magnification is custom fitted to YOU! In fact your depth of field could be severely compromised as well as your ergonomic comfort. The ONLY way you can obtain maximum resolution and depth of field is to use telescopes CUSTOM MADE TO YOUR UNIQUE MEASUREMENTS.