NEW Procedural HeadLight
LED DayLite® WireLessIR HDi

LED DayLite WireLess IR HDiHDi High Definition Imaging

IR Touch-Free Operation

Totally Wire FreeNEW HDi –
High Definition Imaging Technology
Patent pending advanced photonic design provides a uniform field of light distribution with fiberoptic quality light.

Totally Wire Free and Self Contained -
No cords, no battery pack

Intuitive Response (IR)
Touch-Free Operation
Operates with a wave of hand to maintain sterility

Modular Design - clips onto your existing loupes!

Weighs ONLY 1.4 oz.

Perfect for In-Office Procedures

Patented Technology:


The LED DayLite WirLess IR HDi produces 40,000 lux at high intensity and 27,000 lux at medium intensity and can be operated with a simple wave of a hand.

WireLess Headlight lithiu-ion power pod

Powered by a compact, rechargeable lithium-ion power pod, the LED DayLite WireLess IR HDi comes complete with three power pods. The charging cradle allows you to independently re-charge two power pods at the same time and shows the progress of each charge cycle.